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Groote Post The Inheritance Merlot 2020

This 100% Merlot is a vibrant garnet red with a complex nose of ripe, red berry fruit. Cherries and raspberries are dominant on the nose, followed by an alluring hint of floral notes, vanilla, spice, and cedar notes. The nose follows through on the palate with bright red fruit followed by spice, forest floor and vanilla flavours. This medium-bodied wine was matured for 15 months in first-fill French oak barrels and has firm, yet refined tannins and a long, lingering aftertaste.
Alc: 14.0  RS: .  pH: .  TA:  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Kapokberg Chardonnay 2020

Yellow stone fruit with hints of butterscotch are prominent on the nose. The palate displays minerality and grapefruit finishing with a long zesty acidity.
Alc: 13  RS: 2.9  pH: 3.42  TA: 6.2  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Chenin Blanc 2022

This wine shows abundance of white pear and guava flavours on the nose. It offers an explosion of fruit salad flavours on the palate finishing with a long crisp granny smith apple acidity.
Alc: 13.61  RS: 1.0  pH: 3.35  TA: 6.7  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Sauvignon Blanc 2022

The wine displays aromas of grapefruit and guava on the nose followed by mouth watering acidity and upfront citrus fruit on the palate.
Alc: 13.90  RS: 2.88  pH: 3.30  TA: 6.4  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Unwooded Chardonnay 2022

Orange blossom and stone fruit are prominent on the nose. Steely minerality with lingering citrus fruit on the palate makes this wine your perfect summer companion.
Alc: 13  RS: 2.6  pH: 3.42  TA: 6.1  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Riesling 2020

This vintage displays stone fruit and jasmine fragrances on the nose. The wine has a lingering acidity that is well balanced by the natural residual sugar on the palate.
Alc: 13.0  RS: 6.7  pH: 3.11  TA: 6.0  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Merlot 2019

Ripe red fruit and herbal highlights with a lively eucalyptus edge on the nose. The palate display sour cherry and dark chocolate supported by good tannins with good acidity.

Alc: 14.89  RS: 2.2  pH: 3.47  TA: 5.4  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Merlot 2020

Ripe red fruit and herbal highlights with a lively eucalyptus edge on the nose. The palate display sour cherry and dark chocolate supported by good tannins with good acidity.

Alc: 14.89  RS: 2.2  pH: 3.47  TA: 5.4  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Shiraz 2020

This vintage displays white pepper and violets, which are typical of our region. Smokey spice and saltiness fill the palate. This is an elegant Shiraz with well rounded tannins that linger.
Alc: 14.97  RS: 2.1  pH: 3.49  TA: 5.1  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Brut Rosé NV

The wine is refreshingly dry with abundant strawberry and raspberry flavours. It has a delicate mousse which supports a dry, rich palate.
Alc: 12.5  RS: 7.5  pH: 3.44  TA: 7.0  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post The Old Man's Blend White 2022

A Sauvignon Blanc based summer wine, displaying tropical fruit flavours. Guava and white Pear are prominent on the nose. A fresh lively acidity livens the palate with a finish of citris flavours.
Alc: 13.32  RS: 2.1  pH: 3.32  TA: 6.2  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post The Old Man's Blend Red 2022

The Old Man's Blend Red 2020 vintage is an ever so approachable wine, with ruby red colour. On the nose ripe red fruit with raspberry and fresh cherry on the palate. Long and smooth finish rounds off this everyday drinking red.
Alc: 14.0  RS: 2.4  pH: 3.59  TA: 5.4  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post The Old Man's Blend Red 1.5L 2021

A down to earth, easy drinking soft and smooth blended red wine. White pepper, spice and raspberry are prominent on the nose with soft and ripe tannins giving an elegant finish.
Alc: 14.0  RS: 2.3  pH: 3.60  TA: 5.2  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Méthode Cap Classique Brut NV

The Groote Post Brut is an elegant refreshing Cap Classique displaying a vibrant pale gold colour, a fine creamy mousse, zesty notes of green apple and white pear with hints of brioche, a well-rounded velvety yet lively mouthfeel and a crisp lingering finish.
Alc: 12.5  RS: 7.5  pH: 3.40  TA: 6.1  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Barrique Riesling 2017

This wine displays flavours of honey and ginger. The partial use of wood lends to a full palate and lingering aftertaste.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 3.5  pH: 3.24  TA: 6.5  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Seasalter Sauvignon Blanc 2023

The nose shows fruit notes of granadilla, yellow stone fruit, guava and fynbos. The palate offers tropical fruit notes with hints of salinity and minerality, followed by a long lingering finish.
Alc: 14.18  RS: 3.8  pH: 3.18  TA: 7.2  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Limited Release Pinot Noir Rosé 2022

A blush pink, fresh & crispy wine, showcasing bright acidity. The nose displays sweet Turkish Delight, while on the palate you are greeted by watermelon, rhubarb & custard flavours. A juicy creamy finish ensures for a perfect summer wine.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 3.9  pH: 3.43  TA: 5.9  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Groote Post Salt of The Earth Shiraz 2020

“Salt of the Earth” defined as being representative of the best, noblest elements of society. This wine is just that, with grapes sourced from pockets of excellence throughout the Darling wine district.
Alc: 14.43  RS: 2.4  pH: 3.58  TA: 5.7  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:


ARA - Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol use Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Enjoy Responsibly.